Bird Proofing

The presence of birds is usually welcomed, as they are indicative of a pleasant, diverse environment. However, in both rural and urban environments, when large populations of certain species are present, serious problems can arise.

The problems they cause include: 

  •  Feeding on or contamination of stored product commodities;
  •  Fouling of buildings, causing corrosion & damage;
  •  Fouling of footpaths causing safety hazards;
  •  Noise pollution;
  •  Disease spread through their droppings;
  •  Associated insect activity.

The main species causing bird problems are feral pigeons & gulls, introduced species such as the ring-necked parakeet, monk parakeet and the Canada goose can also cause major issues.

Wyre forest Pest Control offers a range of humane bird deterrent systems, or aim is not to harm the birds but to deter them from an area or building.

A full site survey is essential to determine the most appropriate proofing system to be used, some buildings may require several different systems to exclude the birds.

Wyre Forest Pest Control are experts at bird proofing and prevention.

Wyre Forest Pest Control guarantees all treatments, we offer a professional service with a quick response time.

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