Cluster Fly Control

Custer Flies (pollenia rudus)

 Cluster Flies are so called because when they hibernate, they cluster together sometimes in large numbers. So when they are warmed they all emerge together and can be a real nuisance. Adults live harmlessly outdoors in the summer but in the autumn they can enter your building to hibernate usually into roof spaces and lofts but can enter through open windows.

 The adult female lays eggs loosely on and around damp soil and beneath dead and rotting vegetation. It takes a week for the eggs to hatch into larvae. The larvae then seeks Earthworms to which they cling  and bore a hole into. The larvae develops into a conventional shaped fly maggot inside the Earthworm. At or near the death of the Earthworm the larva bores its way out again and pupates in the soil.

Once they hibernate they can cluster in very large number which can produce a rather sickly smell. If warmed artificially they may emerge early and lazy. This occurs commonly in church halls and  domestic bedrooms.


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