Cockroach Control

German Cockroach & Oriental cockroach

German Cockroach (blattella germanica)

The  German Cockroach is found widely throughout temperate climates and all of Europe. It is believed to have come to the UK during Crimean war.

Cockroaches are primarily nocturnal and are a pest of warm & humid conditions. In the UK usually only in heated buildings or in underground heating ducts, not usually found outside. The nymphs and adults cluster when inactive attracted by aggregation pheromone. They love narrow places to huddle together close  to a food & water source. They forage on a wide range of feeds & do need access to water. They can climb smooth surfaces.

They grow in 3 stages      Egg – Nymph – Adult

In  each ootheca (case) there can be up to 30-40 eggs the egg case is carried by female for 2-4 weeks until just before hatching. 

Nymphs take an average of 3 months to reach maturity, taking 5-7 moults. They live & feed with adults.

Adults are small, active and yellowish brown in colour. They live around 6 months are winged but do not normally fly.

Oriental Cockroach (blatta orientalis)

The oriental cockroach is very widely distributed world wide, through the tropics and into temperate zones. This species is common throughout Britain, indoors in heated buildings, restaurants, hotels, laundries, hospitals, prisons, housing estates and other institutions. They may also be found outdoors around drains, dustbins and rubbish tips. Mainly nocturnal but population pressure in outdoor infestations can produce some daytime activity.

The oriental cockroach is again primarily nocturnal, it likes warm environments but is tolerant of colder conditions. Nymphs and adults cluster in groups when inactive, attracted by the pheromone. They feed on a wide range of food stuffs but need access to water. Found indoors in heated buildings, underground heating ducts but also in drains, refuse tips and outdoors near buildings. They can survive winter outside in protected environments but will not breed below 10 degrees C. Climbing rough surfaces is not a problem & can reach upper floors via vertical ducts & lifts. 

The 3 stages of the cockroach is  Egg – Nymph –  Adult.

Eggs are in ootheca (case) about 5 per female each containing on average 16 eggs, which are laid at intervals. Incubations is 6 – 12 weeks, longer if cool.

Nymphs can take 6-18 months to reach maturity taking  7 – 12 moults.

Adults are  dark brown in colour, very robust  living up to 6 months,. Partial wings or buds but are incapable of flight.

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